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Cut 45 Park Lane

CUT at 45 Park Lane

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For special occasions or big accomplishments in life, I tend to treat myself to something special. Of course, it is food-related, and can range from something as small as a […]

Burger UK-5799

Best Halal Burgers in London

Estimated reading time: 3 mins

National Burger Day 2017 is approaching us fast. Yes, it’s this Thursday! Although halal burgers have become somewhat infamous amongst the foodie community, there is still something satisfying about the […]



Estimated reading time: 4 mins

Due to my long list of restaurants to visit, it is scarce that I revisit an establishment more than once.  The place would really have to be good for me […]


Flaming Cow

Estimated reading time: 5 mins

As of a few weeks ago, BW has had the utmost pleasure of sharing his car with me, and I can’t tell you guys how much I love it. With […]


London Halal Food Festival 2016

Estimated reading time: 4 mins

A few years ago, right at the beginning of the UK halal food boom, us Muslims were treated to a special event that would introduce us to the different halal […]


Farm Fresh Burgers

Estimated reading time: 5 mins

Ramadhan, as believed from the perspective of the older crowd, is the best month of the year; they don’t complain about their grumbling stomachs, headaches, or how thirsty they are, […]


Asta Luegos

Estimated reading time: 4 mins

It seemed like our sliders-filled adventure yesterday was not enough for BW, myself, nor our expanding waistlines. We were craving something new, but above all, something deliciously sinful; an actual […]


Meat and Shake II

Estimated reading time: 6 mins

So over the two years I have been blogging, I have covered 68 London restaurants. Out of these, I’ve only eaten at around 19 places without BW, and while BW […]


Loaded Burgers

Estimated reading time: 8 mins

As most of you know, I got engaged a couple of months back and have, unfortunately, been on a so-called “wedding diet”. This “diet” means I have to eat healthy […]


Meat and Shake

Estimated reading time: 6 mins

Burgers. It doesn’t look it, but it is presumably one of the hardest dishes to master. Well, I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself a burger connoisseur, but I […]

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